Seminario académico de Finanzas y Contabilidad: “The Long-Term Impacts of Colonial Taxation”

25 de Agosto, 13:00 horas. Sala P307.

Expone: Gabriel Natividad.

This research uses the geocoded 2008 census of Peruvian firms to study how the colonial mita forced labor system (1573-1812) caused long-run impacts on firm investments. Multidimensional regression discontinuity models show lower levels of fixed assets and inventories and a lower likelihood of having a commercial name for firms within mita boundaries. Demographic features in these impacted regions - more education, lower insurance coverage, and lower personal ID registration - are consistent with a lower preference for physical capital and possibly more tax avoidance. A centuries-long disadvantageous tax burden in mita regions is a likely driver of long-term investment impacts.